We are the first trucking company in Belgium that employs the new Scania Hybrid. This Scania P320 can operate fully electric or with renewable biofuel. 

“We will mainly utilize our new truck for deliveries in city centers” says Philippe Cremie, general manager of JCP. This hybrid truck can drive about 2 kilometers on 100% electric power which is a huge advantage in city centers. This means that the hybrid can operate in shopping streets without any exhaust gasses and any noise. Next to deliveries in city centers we can use the same truck for deliveries at distribution centers and plants with the same zero emission.


Fuel reduction

The electric motor is mainly employed during the critical last phase of a route such as entering in environmental zones or areas where exhaust gasses and noise are not welcome.

The Scania Hybrid is extremely flexibele and can switch from silent and zero-emission driving to driving at very low CO2-emission.