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JCP employs as first Belgian company the new Scania Hybrid


We are the first trucking company in Belgium that employs the new Scania Hybrid. This Scania P320 can operate fully electric or with renewable biofuel. 

“We will mainly utilize our new truck for deliveries in city centers” says Philippe Cremie, general manager of JCP. This hybrid truck can drive about 2 kilometers on 100% electric power which is a huge advantage in city centers. This means that the hybrid can operate in shopping streets without any exhaust gasses and any noise. Next to deliveries in city centers we can use the same truck for deliveries at distribution centers and plants with the same zero emission.


Fuel reduction

The electric motor is mainly employed during the critical last phase of a route such as entering in environmental zones or areas where exhaust gasses and noise are not welcome.

The Scania Hybrid is extremely flexibele and can switch from silent and zero-emission driving to driving at very low CO2-emission.


Additional side-curtain truck

We are proud to announce that we’ve added an additional side-curtain truck to our fleet.

Our additional side-curtain truck is a Mercedes-Benz Atego 1223L with a payload of 7145kg. The truck has a cargo space of 6,3m (lenght) and is palletwide. As usual, the new truck is equipped with a loading board so that we can independently load and unload your goods. We are also able to carry oversized loads thanks to the side-curtains on both sides the truck. The side-curtains also allow you to load or unload the truck from the side with a forklift.

Please contact us for any further information at phil@jcp.be or via our contact page.


JCP adds two new temperature controlled trucks

We are glad to announce that we’ve added two new temperature controlled trucks to our fleet.

Both Scania trucks have a Carrier installation and can set the truck’s cargo hold to any desired temperature. In  addition both trucks are equipped all necessary handling equipment which assures us that we can safely transport your goods.

Both trucks are also equipped with a loading bridge in order to allow the truck driver to load or unload the goods independently.

Please contact us for any further information at phil@jcp.be or via our contact page.

JCP starts daily distribution service to the Port of Antwerp

Finally, after years of providing a distribution service for import and export airfreight shipments we have started the same service for LCL seafreight shipments for both import as well as export .

We now provide a daily LCL service to and from the Port of Antwerp. For export shipments we can pick up the goods whenever you want, keep them for a short period of time in one of our warehouses in Mechelen, Belgium, and bring the goods to the Port of Antwerp just before or on the closing date.

The same goes for LCL import shipments which we can pick up in the Port of Antwerp, hold them in our warehouses and deliver them to your customer on the required date.

JCP now adding trailers to fleet

Next to trucks and a truck-trailer combination, JCP now enlarges her truck fleet with a so-called city-trailer and a regular trailer.

The city-trailer can hold up to 25 europallets and our regular trailer even 33 europallets. For very large shipments we can still utilize our truck-trailer combination which can carry up to 36 europallets.

Please contact us for more information and already subscribe to our newsletter in order to be amongst the first to be informed when our pharma trucks are added to our fleet!

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Additional building employed

We are proud to announce that we have employed an additional cross dock building in Mechelen, Belgium.

By opening this building, we are doubling the capacity for our cross dock activities. This building also has 5 loading docks and 1 normal entrance gate.

Additionally we will add 150m² office space which will help us in our expansion plans.

Of course we will keep our existing building in which we will soon deploy new activities.

CEIV Pharma certification

We are glad to announce that we have taken another step in the CEIV Pharma certification. General manager Philippe Cremie has passed both the Audit, Quality, Risk Management as well as the Cargo operations exams. On to the next step!

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Air Cargo Supply Chain Security – Regulated Agent

We are pleased to announce that we will start the procedure to become Regulated Agent. This means that we will be able to offer you Regulated Agent transportation services for all your Air Cargo shipments in the near future.

“Regulated agent” refers to a freight agent or transport company that carries out stringent security controls of aircargo as required by the aviation authority. The implementation of these securitymeasures and controls will give us a defined security status, which provides added value to you as our customer.

Contact us for further information, read our previous messages on our blog page and follow us now on LinkedIn to stay informed about our further developments.

First OBU’s (Belgian road tax) have arrived

Our first On Board Units (OBU) regarding the new Belgian road tax arrived today. In a couple of days they will be installed in several trucks so we can start monitoring the effect of the new road tax on our shipments. Contact us if you need more info, we will be glad to inform you!

JCP at presentation of Airside Pharma Dolly

Last Firday December 11th we were present at Brussels Airport’s presentation of the Airside Pharma Dolly at building 706 at Brucargo. This dolly is the next development in Brussels Airport’s goal of becoming the preferred hub for pharmaceutical shipments.

This Airside Pharma Dolly is a so-called passive dolly but nevertheless the possibility to make it an active one is present. The dolly is larger than a typical dolly and even the turning mechanism is in front of the dolly instead of below. All this is done to leave as much space as possible inside the dolly for pharmaceutical shipments. This dolly is the first prototype and will now be tested both at Brussels Airport as well as in Dubai. After this 3 others will soon follow according to VIL (Flemisch Logistics Institute).

We are very please with this investment seen the fact that we have started the CEIV certification program about a month ago to support the transportation of “cold chain pharmaceuticals” to and from Brucargo (as seen in  one of our previous posts).


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