We would also like to transport your goods.

With our dozens of trucks we are present every day in almost all cities and towns, shopping streets, shopping centers and industry areas of the country. Whether you have packages, pallets, rolls, dangerous goods or need to have temperature-controlled transport, we have the suitable solution!

Some aspects of our distribution service.


We have a fleet of trucks which can distribute your goods throughout Belgium and Luxembourg from one of our central warehouses. Besides Belux, our trucks also serve the border regions of neighboring countries.

We distribute your goods on a SAME or NEXT day basis where we collect your goods at your warehouse on day A, and deliver your goods on  day B. If desired, we can perform a delivery on the same day as well.


We have two cross dock warehouses where we can (1) unload your goods. After unloading we can temporarily (2) store your goods and subsequently perform (3) PICK PACK SHIP services if needed.

After unloading, we will (4) cross dock your goods and load them on the truck that will do the final delivery. We will also carry out the necessary (5) inventory management tasks to ensure correct stock.

An overview of our fleet.

distributie vrachtwagens

Wide range of trucks

We have a fleet of trucks that are all equipped for specific purposes.

Our fleet consists of various small vehicles with a loading capacity of 4m, larger trucks with a fully enclosed cargo space, side-curtain trucks for oversized goods, refrigerator trucks for temperature-controlled goods, and trailers for large shipments.

Dangerous goods – colli

Also for the distribution of your dangerous goods you can count on us. Our staff members, warehouse operators and truck drivers have received the necessary training to manage the distribution of your dangerous goods.

distributie vrachtwagens
frigo wagen

Temperature controlled transport

In addition to our conventional trucks, we have several vehicles equipped with a refrigeration unit for the transport of temperature controlled goods.

Our temperature controlled trucks are furthermore equipped with a loading and unloading board so that we can independently load and unload your goods if desired.

JCP distribution service: The Proof Of The Pudding Is In The Eating

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